What makes me different


Unique Design

One thing that makes me steer away from a design more than anything else are the words "everyone is doing it".  I believe in timeless design, something that will be loved for generations.  Anything "trendy" or "in style" is not my cup of tea.  This is not to say that my designs don't fit in with the trends, they usually do, but in a way that won't date your remodel or your new home.


Function First

I believe in function, my designs are created with the idea of it working the best for your individual circumstances.  I find it easy to create simple beauty within functionality.


Outside the Box

My designs are" outside the box"  unlike many designers and interior decorators, I don't feel that your style has to fall under one heading like "Farmhouse, Mid Century Modern, Craftsman, etc"  I believe that just like people, styles can work smoothly together, I love to mix and match, then stand back and see the beauty come together!